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About me

Thank you for spending a minute reading about me and my little company.

Picasso's Den is owned and run by me, Mia Pidden.

I am an independent retailer. This means I don't have a big company behind me with a big bank balance, which means I keep reinvesting in my company and will slowly but steadily increase my range of colours. However I will only be stocking Mayflower 100% cotton.

I am a one woman business so my resources are limited compared to bigger companies. However this also makes my company more personalised and special.

I listen to what you, my customers, are saying and I stock colours based on people's preferences.

My business is built on an idea that started when I was admin of the amazing charity group, Octopus for a Preemie UK, and most of my customers are members of this charity. So my business will continue to take an interest in supporting these members with yarn suitable for their charity.

Everything in One Place

I work from home and am the only staff member of this company. This means any questions, queries or orders will be handled by me.

Hopefully this means that if something goes wrong (which at times it will – I'm only human!) I should be able to fix it quickly – rather than a big company where someone just sends an email to a different department in a different part of the country and hoping it gets done!

I have two small girls, which means I work when they are sleeping and otherwise occupied, so I might not be answering emails and questions as soon as you send them, but I promise by the end of the day, all emails will have been replied to.